Praeclarus offers a new degree of freedom in the design of matrix and three dimensional formed lighting structures.

The system is based on a user defined arrangement of stainless steel cables. These can be positioned in virtually any form. At the intersections of the cables small intelligent high intensity LED units are secured. These form a strong mechanical and electrical connection to the supporting cables. The strong mechanical connection allows the supporting cables to be shaped and curved. The electrical connection to the cables provides the power and control data. Full independent RGB control of each LED unit on the system is possible using our latest advanced combined power and data technology.

Combining the electrical connections with the support structure gives the system a very high degree of transparency. Because the density of the matrix or shape is user defined this further increases the flexibility of transparency and can control costs.

Support Cables

The support cables are made from copper loaded stainless steel flexible wires which can optionally be plastic coated. For small applications standard stainless steel wire is adequate but for larger installations tinned copper loaded cable is recommended to reduce power losses. Broadly speaking the support cables will be formed by an X / Y mesh of cables at a user defined spacing and shape. In one axis the cables are all common and will be electrically connected to earth at one or both ends. In the other axis the cables connect to the power unit(s) positive output. Serutrade supply a range of cable terminations and insulators which simplify the support cables installation. We also supply custom finished aluminium tray for the support cables mechanical fixing to wall or ceilings.

LED unit

  • Four high brightness LEDs per unit giving typically 3000mcd total light output
  • 120 degree viewing angle.
  • Strong mechanical structure for permanent installations.
  • Lighter clip on version available with lower cost.
  • Easily replaced PCB assembly for quick cost effective on site repairs.
  • Failure of one LED unit will not affect other LEDs on the system.

Power Unit

Each power unit provides the combined electrical power and control information for up to 150 LED units. The power units have a single positive combined power and data output and a common ground connection. The common ground feature allows grids of virtually any size to be accommodated because the grid is simply sub divided into sections with each section controlled by a separate power unit.

  • Full RGB control of 150 LED units.
  • DMX input (ART NET version to be released).
  • 110 or 230VAC input.
  • Safe ELV 24V combined power and data output.
  • Common output directly connected to mains earth for extra safety.
  • Short circuit protected.

Hand Programmer

The hand programmer is a commissioning and maintenance tool used to set the address of each LED unit. This is performed as part of system commissioning. Once the address is set the programmer automatically increments to the next address. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

The programmer can also read an LED unit address and initiate a simple test of the LEDS to verify correct LED unit operation. LED units can be reprogrammed thousands of times without damage