Pixel Controlled Architectural or Entertainment Lighting

ORBIS multidimensional LED system

The system forms custom strings of 360 degree illuminated full RGB colour controllable LED spheres. The system is ideal for vertical or shaped strings or for the creation of 3 dimensional dynamic optical forms.

The original ORBIS system is a custom-built and UK-made system that meets various needs. It is a very impressive, versatile and reliable lighting tool for the architectural and entertainment industry.

2.4W sphere with 360 degree beam angle

Strong white 70mm diameter plastic spheres utilizing TriColour Cree LEDs for superior colour mixing. The pixel pitch and the number of spheres are always custom for each and every project.

Always custom and very impressive!

ORBIS @ Sensation Celebrate Life by NetherLED Projects

Data Control & Power Supply

  • Control of up to 100 ORBIS LED units.
  • Protected from lamp wiring faults.
  • Lamp data updated every 0.03 seconds.
  • DMX data input with standard RGB three channels per LED unit interface.
  • Optional DMX control byte to place power unit into low power standby.
  • 110 / 230VAC input.
  • Power consumption 250W max.
  • Comprehensive self diagnostic system with fault indication via coded flashing indicators.
  • Output voltage 24V.
  • Compact unit measuring just 285 x 175 x 65mm.
  • Weight 1.8Kg

The Orbis product forming a cube of lights at the Sensation event 2011.