NEW amBX Light-Scene Engine

Setting new standards of intelligent lighting control for today’s most demanding projects. amBX Light-Scene Engine, the new IP based, multi room lighting control engine has been designed and developed to transport intelligent and intuitive lighting control to new levels. Built on the proven amBX lighting control technology and abstracted design model, Light-Scene Engine delivers new possibilities for interactive lighting and drops simple yet powerful amBX apps and user interfaces from Lutron, AMX, Crestron, Control4 and DemoPad etc into the hands of the user.

This hugely extended & scalable system is perfect for controlling lights within multiple spaces in the home, meeting rooms, classrooms, teaching spaces, bars, clubs and restaurants amongst many others - Offering multi DMX universe support for the larger systems.

The elegant and silent Light-Scene Engine processor is constructed from aluminium and steel, weighing 1316g, measuring a mere 55 x 148 x 165 mm with Input: 100 – 240V AC; Output: 19V - Drawing between 14w and 40w maximum power depending on Light-Scene usage.

Three versions of LSE are available from Serutrade. Offering control of static colours including intelligent white with the ability to replicate halogen,sunrise, sunset, morning sun etc. Beautifully designed ambient Light-Scenes suchas Fireflies, Fire, Lounge Moods, Woodlands, Ocean, all offering mesmerising movement of multiple colours around a space. Audio & Video to Light-Scenes, where the lighting can be controlled by the audio, video and gaming content.


Main features:

  • Simultaneous & multiple Light-Scene control for individual spaces. (Multi Room)
  • Full ambient, dynamic and interactive lighting control.
  • Full control of intelligent White, RGB, RGBW and RGBA lights (DMX)
  • Direct audio & video to light control effects.
  • Full IP connectivity for remote access, control & programming
  • None technical user interfaces and control apps.
  • 256+ Light-Scene choices available.
  • Up-to 256 selectable colour palettes per Light-Scene.
  • Rapid, remote Light-Scene upload, DMX configuration and scheduling.
  • Multiple DMX universe support.
  • Small Form Factor
  • Time of day schedular

amBIENT XC - an experience in a box

amBX technology:

  • Is simple to set up and use

  • Achieves stunning effects without programming

  • Is cost effective

  • Responds to environmental inputs such as video, audio or temperature

  • Lets you choose from an extensive range of pre-set lightscapes

  • Helps you quickly create your own lightscapes with Lightscape Builder

  • Is compatible with leading automation and control systems, such as Crestron, AMX and Control 4.

  • Works in settings of any size


The XC controller puts the power of amBX into your hands in the form of a DMX lighting controller which integrates with other control systems or acts as a standalone control solution.

The XC is fully compatible with leading control and automation solutions such as Crestron, AMX and Control4 and manages ambient lighting control with unique auto effects from Audio and Video easily and automatically without the need for programming.

Key features

  • Ambient Lightscapes: constant or changing mood lighting effects
  • Video Light Lightscapes: automatic dynamic surround lighting without programming
  • Audio Lightscapes: impressive light shows synchronised with music; patented audio engine
  • Connectivity – R232 protocol for remote control and compatibility with other automation controllers. (Crestron, Control 4, Lutron etc)
  • Intuitive operation and touch-screen control
  • Brightness, saturation and colour tint override controls
  • DMX 512 output
  • In-built timetable – Schedule experiences for anytime of the day, throughout the day for an ever-changing environment.
  • Dynamic zoning to create different effects in a single space all within one DMX universe
  • Plug and play set up
  • Free Installer Tool software for fast setup and install
  • Download from the Lightscape Library on

amBX in retail

Video & Audio to Light

Change lighting based on music or video content to keep an environment continuously fresh and dynamic.

Simple Touchscreen Interface

The simple touchscreen interface allows instant switching between Lightscapes and colour customisation options.

Built-in 7 day, 24 hour timetable

Schedules can easily be created to change Lightscapes during the day from a relaxed lunchtime look through to a more intense evening environment.

Customisation Toolset

Select from 1000's of combinations of amBX Lightscapes to suit your install! The Installer Tool allows you to quickly select the right combination online and upload them to the XC controller.

amBX in cinema